Thursday, April 23, 2009

Seriously is this where my money is going?

Now do not get me wrong...Catherine has learned a lot at preschool. However there are days I feel she has learned too much. Just days when I am being lectured by a 4 1/2 year old. Like yesterday. I am guessing Earth Day was either yesterday or very close to yesterday because I picked Catherine up and all she talked about all day was recycle and reuse. Oh and did I get into trouble when I threw something in the trash that could have been recycled. LOL
Well then out of the blue she started to tell me smoking is bad (no one in our family smokes) and that everyone in the world needs to quit (which I agree with simply because I cannot stand the smell of it when I walk by someone who is smoking) and that she is going to help everyone quit smoking by giving them smoking medicine.
Of course these 2 new kicks come after the police girl Catherine and nutrition specialist Catherine.
She is a trip.
And I can't wait for Kindergarten. Where it is all about learning what she needs to learn!

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